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By: Ciptho Jaafar

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Sunday, 9-Apr-2006 10:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Apa di belakang mu

hari sabtu gi main bola..sempat lah ambil gambar sebelum tuh...sementara tunggu student thailand..perlawanan pun berakhir dengan 1-1..

Thursday, 6-Apr-2006 11:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark



Window styles

Modern domestic windows come in many styles. The choice of design varies throughout the world, and is largely dictated by the prevailing weather conditions. Coastal climates tend to have smaller outward-opening windows due to the stronger winds experienced - e.g. England. Continental climates tend to have larger windows, many of which open inwards - e.g. France and Germany. Styles available include:

Double-hung sash window: The traditional style of window in the USA, and many other places that were formerly colonized by the UK, with two parts (sashes) that overlap slightly and slide up and down inside the frame. The two parts are not necessarily the same size. Nowadays, most new double-hung sash windows use spring balances to support the sashes, but traditionally, counterweights held in boxes either side of the window were used. These were and are attached to the sashes using pulleys of either braided cord or, later, purpose-made chain. Double-hung sash windows were traditionally often fitted with shutters. Sash windows may be fitted with simplex hinges which allow the window to be locked into hinges on one side, while the rope on the other site is detached, allowing the window to be opened for escape or cleaning.

Single-hung sash window: one sash is movable and the other fixed. This is the earlier form of sliding sash window, and is obviously also cheaper.

Horizontal Sliding sash window: has two or more sashes that overlap slightly but slide horizontally within the frame. In the UK, these are sometimes called Yorkshire sash windows, presumably because of their traditional use in that county.

Casement window: An outward-opening window comprising either a side-hung, top-hung, or occasionally bottom-hung sash or a combination of these types, sometimes with fixed panels on one or more sides of the sash. In the USA these are usually opened using a crank, but in Europe they tend to use projection friction stays and espagnolette locking. Formerly, plain hinges were used with a casement stay.

Tilt and slide: a window (more usually a door-sized window)where the sash tilts inwards at the top and then slides horizontally behind the fixed pane.

Tilt and turn: a window which can either tilt inwards at the top, or can open inwards hinged at the side.

Jalousie window: A window comprised of many slats of glass that open and close like a Venetian blind, usually using a crank. A Jalousie door is a door with a Jalousie window.

Clerestory window: A vertical window set in a roof structure or high in a wall, used for daylighting.

Skylight: A flat or sloped window built into a roof structure for daylighting

Bay window: A multipanel window, with at least three panels set at different angles to create a protrusion from the wall line..

Saturday, 1-Apr-2006 09:28 Email | Share | | Bookmark
stock lagi....:D


aku dengar ade xpdc ke gurun sahara april ni..aku dah di jemput pun tuk pi..??..nak pi ker tak nak...??

Saturday, 25-Mar-2006 16:57 Email | Share | | Bookmark
--(Intensive Care)--


semalam pegi kenduri kat rumah junior ku..lepas tuh tgk muvi..saje duk merapatkan ukhwah sambil tgk muvi..maka tengok laa wedding crashers..biase laa org putih nyer muvi..ade elok ade tak elok.. ..

tp aku tertarik dengan kesah Owen wilson(John Beckwith) dengan Rachel McAdams(.Claire Cleary).yang mana owen jatuh chenta chentun ngan rachel neh..jatuh cinta tanpa sedar..sebab asalnya diorang neh cuma mempermainkan perempuan jer..

hingga lah pakwe c rachel(Zachary 'Sack' Lodge) ni umumkan yang dia nak kawen ngan rachel nih..huhu.. ..apa jadi lepas tu..?

ada dah yang tengok ni muvi kan..tau laa..citer dier..dan quote dlm gmbr tuh..di amik dr muvi iini lah juge... kali ini..hermm..

Sunday, 19-Mar-2006 17:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Galleria Of Nature



1- Dialah Yang hidup kekal, tiada Tuhan melainkan Dia; maka sembahlah Dia dengan memurnikan ibadat kepada-Nya. Segala puji bagi Allah Tuhan semesta alam.


2- Sesungguhnya Tuhan kamu ialah Allah yang telah menciptakan langit dan bumi dalam enam masa, lalu Dia bersemayam di atas 'Arsy . Dia menutupkan malam kepada siang yang mengikutinya dengan cepat, dan matahari, bulan dan bintang-bintang tunduk kepada perintah-Nya. Ingatlah, menciptakan dan memerintah hanyalah hak Allah. Maha Suci Allah, Tuhan semesta alam.


3- Fir'aun bertanya: "Siapa Tuhan semesta alam itu?"
Musa menjawab: "Tuhan Pencipta langit dan bumi dan apa-apa yang di antara
keduanya , jikakamu sekalian mempercayai-Nya".

Ambil iktibar..

sekian dari diri ku ini...

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